WERA Motorcycle Roadracing

Project Details

WERA.com underwent a minor overhaul in September, 2014.

While the bulk of their web application is still in legacy code the main landing page got a fresh look. With thousands of page views a day and almost a third of their visitors being on some type of tablet or mobile device a responsive layout was a must. With this version of their site we accomplished the goal of a fast loading site, with relevant information on the home page, that was also responsive.

  • Client: WERA Motorcycle Roadracing
  • Website: wera.com
  • Launched: September 2014
  • Tasks:  Landing page rebuild
  • Framework:  WordPress
  • Base Theme:  FeO Core 2014
  • Customizations: 
    • Single Sign On for all WERA sites
    • Connectivity to main application
    • StatSNAP connectivity


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