Project Details

Beginning in early 2002 we began developing this Membership And Points System for WERA to keep track of the thousands of racers, racing on dozens of tracks, in dozens of classes, at dozens of events, in multiple regions across the country. The application keeps track of the points each racer scores (or doesn’t) at each event and builds the starting grids according to points and entry time for each event.

All of this was ported to an online system in 2009. This allowed the racers to not only enter online but also keep up with their racer profiles for sponsorship information.

  • Client: WERA Motorcycle Roadracing
  • Website: maps.wera.com
  • Launched: September 2002
  • Tasks:  Membership And Points System
  • Framework:  Classic ASP, VB.NET, MSSQL
  • Customizations: 
    • Single Sign On for all WERA sites
    • REST API to update offline data
    • Much, much more


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