Classic Tents & Events – Portal

Project Details

Keeping track of hundreds of events around the country can be a pretty big deal. I developed a custom portal for Classic Tents & Events that does just that. Hundreds of locations, individual users for each location, multiple events per location, and dozens of data fields for each event to keep track of everything from permitting to when the event is completed.

The initial framework was put in place using WordPress. WordPress handles all the basic functions such as user access control, navigation, and notifications. All of the actual application logic was built outside of WordPress.

This is a fun one…

  • Client: Classic Tents & Events
  • Website:
  • Launched: August 2012
  • Tasks:  Custom Application
  • Framework:  WordPress/PHP/MySQL
  • Customizations: 
    • Custom elements for each location and event
    • Document management
    • Granular user permissions
    • Alert system for status changes
    • Contractor management system


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